sudeste-asiatico-2016-180ABOUT THE AUTHOR

Amanda Laneley is passionate about writing and exploring the world. She has traveled through five continents, collecting anecdotes and stories that she turns into novels.

She loves the movies of Meg Ryan and the novels of Jane Austen. She adores learning and thinks that there aren’t enough hours in the day to do it. She loves to dance, laugh and share a beer with good friends.

She was a professor, entrepreneur and hypnotic therapist before devoting herself to writing. In fact, she put out a successful CD on meditation and guided relaxation: “Without Stress or Anxiety” (in Spanish), which you can find at

She started writing because, one night, a romantic story appeared in her dreams and wouldn’t let go of her. That story became her first novel. The curious thing is that as soon as she finished it, another story appeared and then another. Since then, she hasn’t stopped writing or dreaming.

Amanda loves to hear from her readers. You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter and her website.

Twitter: @amandalaneley